Belt Conveyor Systems


Our company is dedicated ourselves to produce more and more machinery equipment and related products. Now, we can supply you all kinds of conveyor,elevator,Dust Remover System. including Bucket Hoister ,plate feeder,disk feeder,Impeller Feeder,Mixer products to be used in mine, chemical plant, pulp, cement, chemical fertilizer industry and other applications. Additional, we can customize the special specs and design the projects and products according to your requirements and budget. After you purchased the products, we can supply technical support and perfect after-sales services to solve all your problems and troubles.

High Security

Belt conveyor is one of the most commonly used conveying structures of the conveying equipment.

Private Space

They are mainly used in metallurgy and conveyor systems

Extensive Use

Protect security in industrial, sports, military, construction and private applications.

Temporary & Permanent

In recent years, in the national industrial structure adjustment policy of the situation

Products Category


Plate-frame Pressure Filter

Plate-frame Pressure Filter


Plate-frame Pressure Filter, disposal,alcohol,petroleum,metallurgy,chemicals,fuel,medicine,edible oil,textile,printing,dyeing, paper making,sewage treatment,ceramics,and other field...

Energy Saving Ball Mill

Energy Saving Ball Mill


Ball mill for sale introduction Ball mill works on the principle of impact: size reduction is done by impact as the balls drop from near the top of the shell. A ball mill consists o...

Portable Stone Hammer Crusher

Portable Stone Hammer Crusher

ag环亚电游 想赚京转环亚 AG电游

The motor drives the rotor rotated of the hammer crusher at a high speed through the belt, and on the rotor there are series of hammers......

Hammer Crusher For Limestone

Hammer Crusher For Limestone


Hammer crusher is used to break many kinds of materials with medium hardness and weak abrasion.The compressive strength of materials is no more than 15%. The crushed materials inclu...

Jaw Crusher

Jaw Crusher 环亚电游环亚 AG电游

Stone/Ceramics/Cement/Chalk animal bone/ mini stone jaw crusher in crusher, It is widely used in mining, metallurgical industry ,building material ,highway, railway, water conservan...

RCYA Pipe Permanent Magnetic Se

RCYA Pipe Permanent Magnetic Se


RCYA series pipe permanent magnetic separator is suitable for the circumstances of no conveyor belt, less iron in materials and only offering feed pipe, mainly used for sundries rem...

RCDD Self-Cleaning Electric Mag

RCDD Self-Cleaning Electric Mag


RCDD Self-Cleaning Electric Magnetic Tramp iron Separator It is used to eliminate the powder or massive waste iron from the nonmagnetic material. The inner adopts the special resin ...

RCDA Super Air-Cooled Electroma

RCDA Super Air-Cooled Electroma


Specifications Suspended electromagneticiron separator Adaptive belt width: 1200mm Magnetic intensity: Min. 150 mT Excitation power: 8 kw Introduction: Series RCDAmagnetic iron sepa...

RCYD Self-Unloading Permanent M

RCYD Self-Unloading Permanent M


Introduction RCYD(C) self-unloading permanent magnetic iron separator(remover) consists of high-performance permanent magnetic core, an unloading belt, a speed reduction motor, a fr... 环亚电游
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Frequently Asked Questions

Designed for maximum conveying capacity at continuous operation in conjunction with its high oil and grease resistant rubber sliding belt, and with the installation option for various systems for belt cleaning, safety and automatic operating, the flat belt conveyors are applicable for the transport of different materials like metal, waste, wood, biomass, coal, plastics, alternative fuel, fertilizer etc

A professional manufacturer for bucket elevators, conveyors, crushers and vibrating screen. We have 20 professional engineers and 40 experienced workers in our factory, we ensure that we supply good quality and good price to our customers.

Machine application?

widely used for conveying powder, granule, small block material etc..

Machine details?

consist of belt, idler, driving pulley, bracket, cleaners, tension device, drive unit, and other support frame. Also, some switch is needed when long transport distance.

Packaging & Shipping?

Motor and gearbox packed in wooden cases,Belt and other parts packed in pallet,Frame packed with fabric..

What people say


Super Belt Conveyor!

I work in the airport. And I am interested in whether the Belt Conveyor can be used at the airport. After communicating with the experts, I bought 50 rolls with twist - twist edge. It improves security. Super mesh!

Jack 环亚电游ag people

Perfect Chain Scraper Conveyor!

Several days ago, I bought the Chain Scraper Conveyor with good surface treatment to be used in the plant. To my surprised, it is so quick and easy to install or remove. What's more, it doesn't damage the ground. It is perfect.

Sandra 环亚AG电游娱乐下载 people

It is amazing!

I have just bought a grain and want to elevator. I am looking for a convenient way with a lower price. At last, I choose the elevator. It is amazing!

Ann 环亚 AG电游 people

Exactly what I needed!

I need to install a feeder machine for my plant. I order the Feeder Machine made of steel material and then install a panic bar on one side, and lock on opposite side. What is more important, it effectively protect my property. Great mesh!

John 环亚AG电游娱乐下载 people

Great De-Ironing Separator!

We intend to use De-Ironing Separator for our mine. After a long time using, our is without rusting and corrosion resistant. It works well. Really good job.

Emily 环亚电游ag people

Excellent Recommendation!

A problem is always bothering me. how to choose a Vibrating Screen. The sale expert recommend me the Vibrating Screen. Yes, it really solve the problem. Just what I wanted!

Jose AG环亚电游想赚就转 people